One of the first sunsets of my travels. January 2014. Koh Phangan, Thailand.

Hello! Welcome and thank you for visiting …

I’m Lara Lain, a 31 year old Welsh girl, currently living in Bondi Beach.

I write lifestyle, travel, fitness, career (and whatever is on my mind on a given day;).

… I’ve been sharing life’s ups, downs and dreams on this blog since March 2015!.

During that time I have traveled extensively, worked in Australia, New Zealand, Thailand and volunteered in South America.


I am an ex-London girl and spent five glorious years there. I proudly worked for the biggest magazine and newspaper publishing houses in the world!.


I am a full time digital marketing professional, currently in the process of creating a brand new blog – it’s a BIG project but I look forward to sharing it with you soon.

In the meantime I’ll be here 😊

Thank You for reading.

Ask me anything: Larasstory@gmail.com

Twitter @LaraLain

Instagram @LaraLain

Thank You for visiting my blog. 

2 thoughts on “ABOUT LARA 

  1. Well thats really nice. You know travelling and exploring the world is always fun and more fun if Adventure is included.All the best!! Keep travelling.


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