Prepare for what you want like it’s already here


‘’Summer bodies are made in Winter’’

That’s a saying you hear a lot on this side of the world – because when you’re an Aussie (or living the life of one as I do;), you know that while Winter may feel longgg before you know it; it’s baking 24/7.

Since there isn’t much of a ‘transition period’ between cold – hot that means you need to be R E A D Y to start living your life in the great outdoors as soon as the heat is turned up.

This morning I stepped out for the first time since I can remember (which would be the tail end of last Summer) to feel instant warmth on my face.

The glorious temp change was clearly noticeable from how yesterday morning felt and it was exciting as much as it was a wake-up call (forget Winter and Game of Thrones for a second here) SUMMER IS COMING. 

I run all year round, so have no fear of hitting the beach!. 

But today the sun made me think about the weather in more ways than ‘just the weather’ …

It made me think about preparation, in line with a TedEx talk I recently discovered on YouTube.

Said talk is called ‘Trust your struggle’ by a CNN Anchor lady called Zain Asher.

The meaning behind her captivating speech struck home as being (very positively) useful.

Zain’s main messages were;

1. Don’t look for your future; CREATE IT.

2. Turn a blind eye to competitive people/ situations; FOCUS MORE ON GIVING BACK. HELP OTHERS AS MUCH AS YOU CAN, IN TURN YOUR SUCCESS WILL FIND YOU.


4. Prepare for your future – WHATEVER YOU ARE WORKING TOWARDS (may that be your Sydney Summer body, your healthier bank balance or that dream trip you’re putting the rest of your life on hold for) – PREPARE FOR IT, LIKE IT’S UPON YOU … because if you are ready; one day it will happen!.

Click here to watch Zain’s TedX Talk via YouTube

 Hope you enjoy!

Thank you for reading – Have a great day!

@Lara Lain


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