Live a life that is 11/10 – why settle for anything less?.

Girls fun in London 2012
2012, London: Drunk and in love (with life) ”Are you having fun listening to our conversation”
2012, London. Two very happy faces behind those masks
2012, London: Day two of a five day weekend for Queen’s Jubilee. River Thames private boat party!
2015, Queenstown, New Zealand. Upside down and ready to go on the world's biggest swing
2015, Queenstown, New Zealand. Upside down and ready to go on the world’s biggest swing!

These three fun-filled memories showed up on my Facebook today.

My Facebook is always filled with moments, people and crazy experiences I never want to forget.

… I have chased fun, highs and colourful people my whole life.

It’s only when I’ve taken life (too) seriously I’ve had issues. Life has to be taken seriously sometimes (of course) but when you go too far into the hows, whats, whys of adulting you risk things becoming a bit deep, a bit complicated, a bit much (#dontdoitkids).

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Looking at these pics reminded how much fun I usually have and that the worrying I’ve done in recent weeks is silly really … will I be worrying about a missed deadline or having less money than I (think I) should do when I’m an old grey haired lady?.

I should bloody hope not!. Hopefully I’ll have a husband to annoy and Grandkids to trip up with my walking stick.

Get older but don’t grow up …

People often joke ‘Don’t grow up it’s a trap’ and how many times have you heard Bob Marley sing ‘Don’t worry – be happy’.

That advice we’ve heard soooo many times and those kinda songs that have been repeated forever really do mean something.

‘… you could die tomorrow’.

I have always said ‘Do what you want to do today, because you could die tomorrow’, I’ve lived by that for years and it’s something I’ll be reminding myself of going forward.

Kinda grim (!) but looked at the right way, it’s a very effective thought – the kinda thought that made me go traveling, do a bungee jump, do a sky dive etc etc, the list goes on …

Life goes fast – make the most of it!

A few days ago, one of my best friends told me; ‘’read your own blog’’ and ‘’listen to what you write’’.

So with my renewed sense of self finally coming back to the fore (I know it’s only been a couple of weeks of doom and gloom but it’s felt a lottttttt longerrrrrr)

… I’ll be out to play this weekend. I’ll be getting in the mix and enjoying Sydney life.

Yes I’ll be drinking again and yes I’m looking forward to it!.

I’ve posted this to share some heartfelt positivity, I know it’s only been two days since my therapy session but the last couple of weeks were quite frankly shit and two weeks of shit is enough for anyone.

 If you’re reading from the UK, chin up and best foot forward in the Election – as long as you voted, you’ve contributed to your country.

We have a long weekend here in Sydney, to mark the Queen’s birthday! Long live the Queen!

Thank you for reading, Happy Friday 😊


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