5 Tips, Visit Palm Beach [Travel]

Arguably one of Sydney’s most famous beaches. The popular TV show “Home & Away” has been filmed at Palm Beach since 1988. Over 6,000 episodes have been captured within this setting of “Summer Bay” paradise.

1. Get there. Take the L90 bus from Stand C at Wynyard train station in the city. Affectionately known as the “Hell 90” by those who use it to commute into the city, the journey is a bit rough (be sure to get a seat on the bus). It takes over an hour but it’s oh so worth it!

2. Kick back. Palm Beach boasts two beaches with just a road separating them – enjoy them both and take in the glorious views.

3. Work it. Make the trek up the hillside to the lighthouse for one of the best views I’ve seen in Australia. It is simply beautiful. Get out on to the rocks for photos you’ll treasure forever.

4. Know. Cafés are closed by 5pm so eat earlier or bring some supplies. We were starving after the viewpoint walk and it made the bus home seem longer. The sun setting made the journey more bearable, especially as we crossed the famous Harbour Bridge.

5. Look out. If you visit Palm Beach between May and November you might spot Hump Back Whales from the viewpoint by the lighthouse. That would most certainly cap off the perfect day you’d already had.




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